We are so happy that you have found your way to the Women’s Ministry Council Website.

We are currently under construction, developing our content.  But, that is no reason to keep from browsing around the site and learning more about who we are.  In the coming days you’ll find topical articles, links to resources and so much more.

Our scheduled, official, launch date is January 1st 2015.

That means you are getting a sneak peek of what is to come!

We are currently looking for:

fleur Local Board Members that make up specific demographic groups:  Married, Widowed, Remarried, Life Long Singleness, Divorced, African American, Asia, Latina, etc.  We recognize that different cultures and seasons of life, require different perspectives and have different needs.  We strive to unify our sisters in Christ, and to do so we must embrace our differences and work together as a team.

fleurProfessional Speakers who would like to join our list of speakers, we simply ask that you offer a discount to our member list.  The amount of that discount is determined by the speaker, under prayerful consideration. 

fleurWomen who have a heart for Women’s Ministry that would be willing to serve as community leaders, establishing Women’s Ministry Sub-Councils in their regions.  Currently, we are interested in the STATE level, who can help us determine the exact needs within their state.  Other local leaders will follow.  This is a VOLUNTEER position.

fleurChurches who are open to connecting with other churches in their area.  This could be a large church with an established Women’s Ministry willing to partner with a smaller church, or a smaller church in need of a larger partner church.  

If any of the above sounds like YOU… head over to our SERVICES page, and fill out the contact form at the bottom.  Someone will be in touch with you shortly.