Meet & Greet? But we don’t have a Women’s Ministry!

Is this you:

We received an invitation to the Women’s Ministry Council Meet & Greet…. but we don’t have a women’s ministry!  Should we send a representative from our church?

The answer is YES…. if you:

  • wonder if a Women’s Ministry is needed in your church
  • have some women’s bible studies but not a formal program
  • if the women of your church have been asking
  • if a guest visiting your church for the first time asks:  Do you have a women’s ministry?
  • if you have women in your church.

In the average church, 75-80% of the church volunteers are women and 55% of the congregation is comprised of women.   If that describes your church, you just might need a women’s ministry!

July Meet and Greet: In Humble Appreciation

The WMC would like to recognize in appreciation the following companies that support our vision, equipping women in ministry, for their support of the July, Women’s Ministry Council Meet and Greet.

crossway moodylogo    authentic

 ctaing         grouplogo1          ngplogo

We are excited to share some amazing blessings with you, and we couldn’t have done it without there support!

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