Monday Council Update

This week the Women’s Ministry Council page will continue with our newly added content schedule!

Wednesday’s leader devotion is on “Knowledge of the Lord” – this is part of a series of devotions on various biblical characteristics that are important for leaders to pursue.

Friday’s leadership article is on “Working Women” – working women, single or married, can be a difficult group of women to serve through women’s ministry.  As a working woman & women’s ministry leader, Laura Masoner shares her insights.

Don’t forget to RSVP for the October 31st Training!  Click on the invitation below to connect to the RSVP form!


Also make sure you are saving the date & inviting the women from your church to the Authentic Intimacy conference in Port Saint Lucie, January 30th!  Click on the picture below, it will take you right to the registration page.


If your church is in need of brochures, we will have plenty with us at the October 31st training event.

There will also be some available at a special meeting for Women’s Ministry leaders in November!

Women’s Ministry Directors & Women in Leadership
are invited to join Authentic Intimacy for breakfast & coffee!
Monday November 16th
Panera- 2759 NW Federal Highway, Stuart
RSVP via email to Hannah @ authenticintimacy . com
(remove the spaces)

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