Wednesday Devotion: Leading by being Gospel Centered

We hope that all of our readers and council members enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends, those whom we hold dear.  In order to ensure we gave our time and energy to our families, we took the end of the week off to celebrate and recover!  Now, it’s back to our normal schedule.  The week of Christmas there will be NO posts from the Women’s Ministry Council.  Please enjoy your Christmas and prepare for the new year.


It is really easy to get caught up in the grind of Women’s Ministry duties.  As we strive to offer more events, rebrand our ministry, or just streamlining our existing group; we can lose track of what we are doing, and WHO we are doing it for.

This is God’s ministry in service to His church.  Pleasing every woman in the church is not only impossible, but it is unnecessary.  Even pleasing everyone on the women’s ministry (including yourself) is not the goal.  It never should be.

As we streamline our ministries we can begin to weigh and measure our activities to our ministry goals (mission statement, or scripture verse) to ensure that we are keeping our ministry on track.  However, this must also begin within our selves.

We must be gospel centered leaders, who are building a gospel centered ministry.  Our end game goal is that we are turning the gaze of women toward CHRIST, at every opportunity.

I’m really not one for reinventing the wheel.  When someone does a better job than myself, I am happy to point you in their direction and give them all of the credit for the work they accomplished.    I can’t recommend the book Word-Filled Women’s Ministry enough for our women’s ministry leaders.  At a recent event, Women’s Ministry leaders were given a sample chapter.  I’ve included a link to an excerpt here, as well.

Lord, I pray that we are gospel centered leaders, putting together kingdom worthy events that point the women to you.  Less of me Lord, more of you… that is what they need.  Help me to get out of my own way, to humbly submit myself to your mission over my own.  This is your ministry, use it through me. Amen.

For the excerpt, click the link below.

Word-Filled Women’s Ministry Excerpt.

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