We Set the Bar


As women who lead a ministry that serves women in our church, we set the bar.  We set the bar on how we live as women of God, and how that corresponds to our daily life.

In the life of ministry work, sometimes the greatest ministry is what happens in our own homes.  We should teach our women something that is counter culture, that it is totally ok to say:

I can’t.      No.      Now is not a good time.        I can’t do it all.     My family must come first.

It is easy to get wrapped up in our ministry service to others that we can neglect those who live with us, those who are most important to us.

Today, I set the example, as postings for Women’s Ministry Council will take a short hiatus.  The Lord is preparing my Father In Law to come home, and my husband is the person who needs me the most right now.  My children need my strength in his brokenness. 

Your prayers are appreciated as we navigate these waters.

Our God is a good, good Father.  Even in times such as these, we cling to His promises. 

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