What is Good for the Church….

… is good for it’s ministries.


The Women’s Ministry is a branch off of the Church we are a part of, we serve our church through serving it’s women.   Quite often, when discussing challenges of Women’s Ministry, we talk about attracting more women or different types of women.  How do we get the younger women?  How do we get more women to lead studies, or just join a small group?  What kinds of events do our women want?

What if we dug a bit deeper?  What if we instead of asking what the women want, we instead asked:

What is our Women’s Ministry missing?  What are our Christian women, missing?

Could the reason behind why the women are not coming to more events or digging in deeper lay in a ministry program that is lacking?  Are we doing the ministry “our way” and not “the way Jesus would have it done?”

In posts and training events of the past, I have often recommended sitting down with your Pastor in order to get clarity on the vision of the church. Then you would use this information to help build a ministry that would support that vision.  This would unite the Women’s Ministry to the church versus becoming it’s own individual entity.

What if we upped the ante?

If you were to sit down with Jesus, and ask Him what His vision for your Women’s Ministry is…. how would He reply?  What does the Word say about Ministry purpose?

This week I began reading the book “Jesus Called, He Wants His Church Back” and it is an eye opener on what the American generations have lost over the last seven decades.  If we want to serve Jesus through our ministry, we must take on a posture of returning these lost “things” to His people.  This will not be an overnight transformation, but a painstaking and dedicated process that will require more of our Women’s Ministry than ever before.

Jesus called… He wants your W0men’s Ministry back.

We have better resources, buildings, leadership, and communications than ever in history… yet people are falling away from the church.  Women are falling away from the church.  They don’t want to come to Women’s Ministry events anymore (or as much).  We need to help bring back the innocence lost in the 50’s, authority lost in the 60’s, love lost in the 70’s, values lost in the 80’s, faith lost in the 90’s, security lost in 2000, and the hope that has been lost in the 2010’s…

Are women are starving for what they lost, they are not sure where to find them.  We need to point women to Jesus who can redeem their innocence, return trust in authority, restore love and values, reclaim their faith, rest in security and refresh their hope.  But… it’s not going to come with out a battle.  The world is going to fight us every inch of the way.

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