13 Signs People Are Excited to Attend Your Women’s Ministry

I was inspired to make this list based of the article 13 Signs People Are Excited to Attend Your Church.


1. Women Bring Their Friends—The ultimate measurement of whether your people are excited to attend your Women’s Ministry events or not is whether or not they bring their friends.

2. The Driving Team—Are the women carpooling to the event?  This is evidence of connection and fellowship beyond the walls of the church.

3. The Line Formed to Enter the Building—If women arrive early, you know they are excited about the Women’s Ministry event.  Women arrive early to make sure they get a good seat.

4. The Greeters—Women who are not even on the team energetic and thrilled to be there, introducing themselves to new faces and helping get stuff done.

5. The Pre-Event Vibe—If you want to know if God is moving at any ministry, just describe for me the atmosphere in your building the 15 minutes before an event begins.  Is there energy in the room? What are the discussions about? Are people smiling and laughing? Is community being built?  And, even more so… was there anticipation leading up to the day of the event?

6. The Speakers Begin — Do the women immediate begin to quiet down and settle when the see the familiar faces of the women doing the introductions, speaking, or music?

7. The Response to the Music—If you are having worship music, are the women engaged or on their phones killing time?  Women who are excited to be there are only looking at their phones if they are looking for lyric prompts.

8. The Response to Scripture—Jesus is celebrated through the reading of His Word. There is spontaneous clapping or other affirmations while reading scripture.

9. The Response to the Message—Do you hear the women talking about the topic, presentation, or speaker after the event… even for days after the event?  Does it come up on Sunday?  And does the Pastor tell you that he’s heard good things?

10. Life Change—Are you seeing more women sign up for small groups, new faces on Sunday morning, and a deeper interest in building stronger relationship with Christ?  Are new habits being made that show an increased spiritual walk… like prayer, scripture study, etc.

 11. Women Walking to the Car—Women who had a great experience at your event…. will be slow in leaving the building, may even be found chatting in the parking lot after you lock the doors.  A great sign of community, fellowship, and communication!

12. Women Wanting More — Not every church has women’s events every week, or even every month.  If you have women who are asking for more, who want to know when the next event is… you are doing something right!  Keep doing it, and consider doing it more often.

13. And Most Important, It’s All About Jesus—Nothing creates excitement and expectation like continually focusing everything on the One who is worthy of all this excitement, Jesus.

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