Branding & Building Workshop


If you were unable to attend our Women’s Ministry network and training event on Saturday, here is a little recap of the training you missed.  This information will be in two installments, beginning with BRANDING YOUR MINISTRY.    Look for future support articles and resources on this topic as well.

Branding Your Ministry:

  • Branding is how we create short visual and verbal explanation of who we are and what we do.
  • Branding helps us communicate information quickly and efficiently.
  • Branding will assist your team members in remaining focused on your ministry purpose.

Visual branding gives us an image or logo that is easily identifiable.  When scanning the church bulletin or website, your image will catch the attention of the women in your church to your upcoming events or announcements.

Combining visual branding and a few key words, will ensure that your guests will know who you are, where you are located, and what you are doing.  consider a simple business card.  If you only had that much space available, and you wanted it to be visually pleasing, what information would you make sure to include?

The selection of these few key words, which may be bullet points – a mission statement – or a piece of scripture, will create a litmus test for your team.  If every event or program is tested against the “brand”, you can decide which elements should be invested in and which should be passed on.

Common Mistakes in Branding:

  • Avoid continually rebranding the ministry.  Sometimes when a ministry takes on new leadership there is a strange need to rebrand the ministry.  It’s the new leaders way to indicate that change is on the horizon.  However, when we change the name of our minsitry we take a risk of losing those who identify the ministry to the old name. 
  • Avoid complex designs, trendy names, or unfamiliar acronyms.  If your ministry identity is not easily understood, women are going to pass right by it.  Complex designs will not always translate well into various types media, or can cost a fortune in printing costs.  Trendy names will eventually date themselves and require change to stay relevent.  Just because a term or acronym is familiar to seasoned Christians, it won’t be obvious to new guests or in the community.  We shouldn’t live under an assumption every one will “get it” because it seems obvious to us.    Who wants to go to your local HAGS meeting?  Even if it does mean Holy and Glorious Sisters…
  • Avoid using names that will date your ministry, or make it appear to focus on certain ages or stages of life.  Your ministry is going to speak for itself, if you think giving it a younger sounding name is going to bring in younger women… you will be disappointed.  Or worse, you may allienate your older women.

Successful Branding Strategies:

  • Use What You Have!  If your church has already invested in having a logo/branding package designed, see if you can have the words “Women’s Ministry” (or whatever your ministry name is) added to it.  It will cost you less than starting from scratch, and will be professionally done. You can even ask to feminize it with the simple change of a color or visual element.
  • Know Who You Are!  What is your ministry purpose or goal?  What is the vision of the church and how does the Women’s Ministry fit into that vision?  The answer to these questions can help you design your logo or come up with that catch phrase.
  • Keep It Simple!  Clean and simple designs with core information is best.  Easy to remember names and catch phrases will be helpful.  Ministry name, who the ministry serves, and where the ministry is located will be your most valuble information.  Have a Women’s Ministry page set up on your church website or start one on your own through a free site (like wordpress), or even a Facebook group.  Then your print materials can point women to these resources where they can get more detailed information about the church and your ministry.
  • Know Your Audience!  Where and how you are going to use your branding is important.  If your Women’s Ministry is purely focused on building up the women in your church, you don’t need as much of an explanation as you would for a ministry that is reaching out into the community.


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