Ministry Goals for 2017

calendarCan you believe it is already December?  Is it just me, or did 2016 pass with lightening speed?

It’s pretty common for people to come up with new years resolutions, goals for the new year.  Perhaps it is to get healthier, or to start a new hobby.  Fix relationships or work on self improvement.  Get to church more regularly or finally apply for that promotion you heard about.

Have you ever thought about your ministry goals?  I find that by reflecting on the current year, I can cast a stronger vision for the next year.

I may ask my supervisor or peers to give me a ministry evaluation (like a job review) and let me know how I am performing.  What areas do I excel in?  Where do I need to improve?

I will take a look at what our ministry work has accomplished and evaluate how we need to more forward.  What programs or methods are working in our favor?  What things failed miserably, and need to be removed entirely or at least revamped.

This may be a great time to check in with those who oversee your work.  Has the larger ministry vision changed or shifted?  Are there any challenges we are going to face in the new year (like a budget cut, new leadership, etc.) that we need to prepare for?

If you have never set a goal for your ministry, now might be the right time to do so.  Pray that the Lord would give you a vision for the ministry, develop a mission statement, and come up with action steps on how to get the process moving.

It may also be time to evaluate your tenure with your ministry work.  What is happening in your life that may be an indicator that God is calling you to another area of ministry?  Is it time for you to take a season of rest to refuel?  Is it time to find a “Timothy” to bring along side of you to prepare for leadership?

Or, on the other hand, is it time for you to finally step up to more responsibility?

Take some time to explore these thoughts on your own, but also along with your team.  Encourage self evaluation and figure out where you need to course correct personally and as a ministry team.

Bring in new women to serve, that bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm with them.

Make a purpose to connect deeper with your church’s vision.

Set specific goals of community service opportunities, discipleship/mentoring programs, etc.

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