WMC Event SOLD OUT {Wait List}

Our Jan 7th event is SOLD OUT!  This means all reserved seats are taken, and we literally are at max capacity for our meeting space.  If you did not make your reservation, you can sign up for the wait list should a seat become available.  The link is at the bottom of this post, or click on the invitation to be redirected to Eventbrite.

Please remember if you did not RSVP through Eventbrite or directly with one of our WMC Leaders, there are currently no additional seats available.   Make sure you don’t miss future meetings by heading to the Calendar/Events page and reserve your seats.  All of our meetings for 2017 are listed.  You can reserve your seat at any time.


click here —-> REGISTER FOR WAIT LIST <—- click here

If someone cancels their reservation, Eventbrite will immediately contact the first person on the wait list, until all reservations are spoken for.

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