Let There Be Peace, In ME.


Let There Be Peace, In ME.  By Gena McCown, Co-Founder

Let’s be honest, leaders, we are navigating unsettled waters right now.  There are a lot of things causing division and strife in the world, and among the body of believers.  Spend just a few minutes on social media and the divides in unavoidable.

Our Christian friends are divided…

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice.  Open Borders or Closed Borders.  Pro-Trump or Anti-Trump.  Single issues or larger scopes… the battle has been waged.

The leader in me wants to say things like…

“We have to remember the real battle is not you vs. me, but us vs. the Enemy.”

“The scriptures said there would come a time when people would stop listening to sound judgement and seek out what their ears want to hear.”

I’m even tempted to say:  “This is not about what we should do, or even Gena should do, but about what Christ would have me do.”

These are big answers, the ones we use to address problems on a larger scale.  They are outward responses to the world around us, the church around us, the division around us.  But I can’t help but wonder, what is going on inside of our hearts?  What is the battle raging inside of us?  Can I really expect others to come to a term of peace, when I myself struggle with some of the same questions.  Have I given answers that I knew were the Biblically correct answer that a leader should give, yet still have uncertainty in my own heart?

If I want to find peace in the world, should it not begin in my own heart?  In my own life?  Should I not study the Word, have conversations with mentors and people of faith whom I trust about these issues.  Should I not come to a resounding peace in the Lord before I am tempted to share my own two cents on a matter?

When asked a question, even as a leader, I should be able to share that I too struggle with that answer.  It is permissible to still be a leader and not have all the answers.  We don’t need to fake it until we make it, or selling the vision before I have bought it myself.

I need to start within me.  I need to examine my splinters.  I need to put the time and effort to seek out how the Lord stands on these subjects by searching His Word.  Then I can walk forward in confidence and peace that the words of my mouth are reflecting Christ and pleasing in God’s sight.  Not just giving the right answer, but believing it.

I need to quell the divisions in my own heart, unifying and reconciling myself to God, and then allow that peace to flow from me into the community He has charged with me.

As leaders we can not force solutions on the world, we can not force peace or unity upon the world… when we are divided in our own hearts.

There must be peace IN ME, to fl0w FROM ME.

As a leader, I must be the example for those who follow my lead.

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