Very exciting news to share with our WMC leaders.  We have expanded our Publishing Team to include some pretty amazing ladies, which will be contributing to ongoing series for the website.  We will still have guest writers from time to time, but we are looking forward to what each of these ladies will be sharing with the world.


LeadingLadiesStarting in July, we will begin our new “Devotions from Leading Ladies” series, and we welcome contributors Aimee Nelson and Jenny Andrews to the Publishing Team.   This series will explore leadership from a Biblical perspective.  To start the series off, Aimee and Jenny will introduce themselves and their heart for women who lead in the local church, community and abroad.



Our next series is “What in the Word” where our new contributors Trish Jones and Sheila Thomas will teach about and from the Word.  From expository study to how to pick a translation, these ladies will pour into the hearts and minds of our leaders regularly from the Scriptures.  In addition, we will learn different study methods, how to use concordances, and more.


PracticalMinistryWith the addition of these amazing new Publishing Team members, Gena McCown and Laura Masoner are going to focus on Practical Ministry.  Administrative duties, event planning, team building, and other topics will be covered that help us all with the back end, or technical side, of ministry.  We’ll also cover specific tools, resources, books, and ministries that you may find valuable.



Finally, as a means to clean up traffic in the Facebook Group and still share the work being one by other groups and ministries, we will begin our “Around The Web” pieces, which will have a monthly recap of articles from other websites that we find valuable.  There will be a short summary of the piece and a direct link to the website.


I hope you are looking forward to these new facets of WMC’s website as much as we are looing forward to providing them.

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