Do You Need a WMC?


Over the last three years, the WMC has been developing a ministry model that brings together Women’s Ministry Leaders in the community, provides group training, and direct services to ministries in need.  Our goal has always been to prove out a ministry concept that is reproducible, and see local Women’s Ministry Councils pop up in more cities.  Why?

1.  We recognize that the majority of resources and materials are out dated.

2.  We recognize that the mission of Women’s Ministry has been evolving into something new, and we need new resources and tools to help us all grow with that evolution.

3.  We recognize that there is no formal training available in the church, or outside, for Women’s Ministry Leaders and their teams.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and what we have lacked in support for our locl leaders has been met with the dedicated ministry leaders who have become part of the backbone of the Women’s Ministry Council’s Board of Directors.  Now, we are ready to take the next step we have been building up to.

* Do you have a desire to reach across the table and bringing local leaders from various churches in your community together, created an engaged and united ministry front?

* Do you believe that the women who are leading ministries in your church are in need of support and encouragement?

*  Do you see a void in leadership training and feel called to help equip leaders in your church and the churches in your community?

If you answer yes to those questions, then perhaps the Lord is calling you to join us in the ministry endeavor, and begin a Women’s Ministry Council in your area.

As we are in the beginning process of developing the roll out materials we are looking for FIVE LOCAL LEADERS across the country to help us with this process.  You will not only start up your own WMC in your area, but will be integral in helping us design the roll out program.  We desire your input, questions, suggestions, and perspective.  These are BETA Groups that will be started up and refined before the official program is released nationally.

If you are interested in starting a BETA GROUP, please fill out the contact information below.  You will receive a questionnaire to complete and your application will be reviewed by our Board of Directors.

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