When It Is This Simple, Psalm 133:1


How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

Psalm 133:1, NIV

Father, we are so thankful for the love that you shower us with.  Help us to be givers of love, peace, compassion, and mercy.  Let us love, as we have been loved.  Forgive, as we have been forgiven.  Reconciled unto each other, and unto you, joining hands as a family of adopted strangers brought into Kingdom.  Let us seek peace, unity, and community.  Let the Holy Spirit convict our hearts over the sin that stains our love, so that our eyes are opened to our own iniquities and that repentance is on our tongue.  Diminish pride, let us be humble before one another, offering our sincerest apologies and accepting others with grace.  Let peace and love be the banner we wave during such troubled times.  In Christ we pray, Amen.

Recommended Reading and Resources

Bible Study:  The Bridge to Racial Unity,  Be The Bridge Ministries

Book:  UNITED by Trillia Newbell

Book:  The Gospel for Life: Racial Reconciliation


3 Reasons Why Racial Reconciliation Should Be a Church Priority

Call to Prayer During Anxious Times

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A lot of great pieces on The Front Porch


White Supremacy is Spiritual Bondage

Stigmas: Race with Kaitlin Curtice

Stigmas: Race with Edrin Williams 

Stigmas: Race with Deidra Riggs

Please feel free to add resources that have been helpful to you in the comments!   * We are moderating comments on these posts, to ensure that we protect our community.  



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