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Women Bow And Pray

School is back in session.  For many Women’s Ministries that means we are too.  I’ve noticed that Women’s Ministry season seems to follow along with the school year.  In many ways I appreciate a couple of months “off” in order to regroup my thoughts and get myself ready for the coming months.  Let’s be honest, a good leader may be “off” but that doesn’t mean ministry is not on our minds.

As you meet up with your ministry teams to plot out this new year, make sure that you are including an evaluation of the previous year into those meetings.   We should know which events were effective, a good stewardship of time and resources.  We should identify any events that were ineffective or do not fit within the scope of the church vision.

This is why it is so very important that our ministries have a vision statement, mission statement, or at least a piece of scripture that we use as a litmus test of our ideas.   1 Corinthians 10:23 reminds us that everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.  This goes for ministry work too.  There is a infinite number of ideas, programs, studies, and events we can put together or attend.  But that doesn’t mean it is right for our church, our women.

When we have a key statement or verse that we can use to set boundaries on our ministry, we are able to focus our vision, efforts, and resources.

Some suggestions:

If your church has a heart for the homeless, connect your Women’s Ministry to a local homeless shelter for women.

If your church has a calling to missions, plan a missions trip (local or abroad) for the women in your church to serve women in another community.

If your church is dedicated to discipleship and mentoring, develop a mentoring program between the generations in the church.  Invest is solid discipleship materials and begin intentionally discipling the women in your church.

If your church wants to have a strong presence in the community, look for ways your Women’s Ministry can represent your church.  Is there a Women’s Expo that is looking for volunteers?  Can you set up a Women’s Day with Habitat for Humanity?  Can you use the skills of the women in your church to provide free haircuts to the homeless?

Look for foster agencies that you can work with, they are usually in need of not just foster homes but also volunteers and clothing/supply drives.  One of our local Women’s Ministries rallied together to provide filled backpacks for each of the children in a foster facility in our area.

Connect with your local crisis pregnancy center, as they too can use volunteers and supply drives.   What if every Women’s Ministry brunch collected a particular item to help the center?  One month, everyone brings a pack of diapers.  The next month onesies.  And, so on.

Another Women’s Ministry in our area leads a weekly Bible Study at a local retirement home for the residents to attend.

If there is a church in an impoverished area, are there ways your Women’s Ministry can help support their women?  Could you share Bible Study leaders guides and dvds?  Invite them to your next retreat?

Figure out the mission for your ministry, and get to work!


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