Mourning Las Vegas


It has been a storm of tragedy recently.  Hurricane Harvey’s impact on Texas.  The earthquake in Mexico City.  Hurricane Irma strikes the Islands and parts of Florida.  Hurricane Maria comes along to further batter the already bruised.  We are still working through recovery efforts from these Natural Disasters, only to wake up this morning to terrible news.  Tragedy strikes Las Vegas, leaving behind 58 (as of this post) families planning funerals, and 200 plus people recovering from injuries sustained.

This morning, on my drive, I prayed for the Lord to just come.  How much more can we endure?  As mothers, we worry for our children… wherever they may go.  Terror knows no bounds, and it knows every generation.

Cary Nieuwhof authored a piece on his site today… click the picture below to read it in full.  Wise words on a wounded day.


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