What is in store for 2018!


With out much grandeur, we finished up our series on 1 Timothy 3, the Characteristics of Godly Leaders.  For those who write for WMC site, they would be shocked to know that I woke up this morning without a plan for our next round of content.  Last year we had a Content Plan in place for the year.  It’s Jan 7th, and to the shock of no one more than myself… I sat without a plan.

As I sat in church this morning, I understood why.  God had a plan.  It just hadn’t been revealed to me yet.  I had to be in His presence, among His people, worshipping Him… in  a posture of receiving Him to find it.

1 Timothy 3 was very specific to the types of qualities and character we should have as individual leaders.  What about our ministry as a whole?  Truth be told, a lot of the ministries that exist today are not found in the Bible.  There is no outline for the perfect youth ministry, women’s ministry, et’al.  There are things we know that we should do, like feed the homeless and help the widow, but there isn’t a book/chapter/verse that outlines how to set up that ministry in the church today.

The Pastor this morning spoke about how he and the other Pastors had spent the last year in prayer and study over the Acts Church.  It hit me like a ton of bricks… what does a “ministry” look like in an Acts Church?  Or, in other words, what is an “Acts Ministry”?

We are going to begin our next series by taking a look at what the Scriptures say about the growing, early Church… and then apply that into the context of ministries within the church.

Other News:

The LeadHer Conference Registration is OPEN

We will have some new contributors to the site in 2018

There will be announcements for some changes to the WMC Leadership Team.

We have added a Downloads / Printables page which will be updated frequently.

In February, we will begin our new “Leadership Calendar”, which is a monthly calendar published the 1st of each month.  This calendar will have scripture to meditate on, action steps to take, prayer prompts, and more all geared for being effective leaders personally, in our churches, and in our community.

2018 GOALS:

To see WMC local groups starting up in other cities.  CLICK HERE FOR INFO

The introduction of the WMC First Nations Women’s Scholarship Fund by year end.


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