An Acts 2 Church & Ministry Teaches


The Acts 2 Church was a teaching church, those who came into the fold were taught the Scriptures and the foundations of faith by the Apostles; eventually becoming teachers themselves.  Jesus’ words in the The Great Commission call us to 1) go forth and make disciples, 2) baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and 3) teach them to obey everything Jesus commanded (Matt 28:16-20).

If the Pastors of an Acts 2 Church are called to teach it’s members, then the same responsibility falls on an Acts 2 Ministry.  Are you teaching the women God has entrusted in your care?

How Do We Teach?

  1. One method in which we teach others is by modeling the behavior we want repeated.  If we want the women in our care to be students of the Word, so must we.  If we desire our women to have a robust prayer life, we must set that tone.
  2. Use brunches and luncheons as an opportunity to teach women basic skills like how to pray, how to schedule time to study, life application of scriptures, etc.
  3. Host workshops on deeper study methods, Bible or prayer journaling, etc.
  4. Not only recruit, but also train women as small group leaders & study teachers.
  5. Develop future ministry leaders by investing in their educations.
  6. Establish an intentional discipleship pathway for new believers.
  7. Create mentor relationships that encompass spiritual growth and real life relationships.

When a ministry is teaching it’s members, they become teachers themselves.  You pour into them, and they will pour into others.  It is a ministry that grows and multiplies.

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