Florida Grieves


There are quite a few of our women who have roots in S. Florida.  We serve women who live there.  We have family and friends who are part of the community of Parkland.  Our core leaders are not that far from Parkland.

On Wednesday, we began getting notices from our long distance friends and family wanting to ensure our children were ok.  We began to see facebook posts from our friends and family down south…

Prayer requests for teachers and students who were injured… teachers and students who had not been heard from.  Parents who were worried.  As more news broke, we learned the devastating news.

Right now, Florida is grieving.  We here at the Women’s Ministry Council… we grieve because this is our home.  These are our people.  This is our community.  This is our family.

We are processing, words are hard to formulate.

We cry out to our Father, we pray for families, we honor heroes.

We pray, standing in the gap, for those who mourn.

We mourn with them.

Florida is grieving.

Communities are grieving.

Families are grieving.

Mothers and Fathers are grieving.

Spouses are grieving.

So we take this time to put our heads on the shoulders of our Father, we lean into Him because we can’t comprehend or understand.

Jesus be near.

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