July Leadership Calendar


We have our quarterly live Women’s Ministry Council training event on the last day of June, it is all about serving our single sisters.  Therefore, we wanted to get the July Leadership Calendar up ahead of time.  You may notice we’ve adjusted the formatting a bit.  Hopefully this will eliminate future technical issues like we had in June.  Let us know what you think of the new format, and our entries for each day. 

You might also notice July 29-31 are missing.  Don’t worry!  We didn’t forget these 3 important days of the month.  The August 2018 calendar will be posted at the end of July and will include the 29-31 and all of August.  

Have a great weekend, and watch for the recap of Saturday’s training event to be posted on Monday and Wednesday of next week.


Your book and a little extra gift have shipped.  Keep an eye out for your package!

2 thoughts on “July Leadership Calendar

    1. Currently we have 1 group that meets in Treasure Coast, FL. We are looking to expand groups into new areas. If this is something you’d like to see in your area, you can click the “Start a Group” link and find out more info. Even if not for yourself to start, but perhaps you may know someone. The monthly calendars you should be able to print right from the page, right click on the calendar to view the photo, and then right click and select Print. The Women’s Ministry Binder will have all documents added to our printable page that you will be able to down load for free. If you are talking about the Women’s Ministry Today book, it has not gone to print yet.


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