All the Single Brothers

Our SingleBrothers

With all of our talk recently about single women and single mothers, the Women’s Ministry Council would like to take a moment to acknowledge our single brothers and single fathers. 

So much of what has been said about our single women translates to our single men and fathers.  He may not need a woman to go with him to a mechanic shop to haggle over car repairs, but you know what he may need?

He may need a woman that is willing to come over and talk about puberty with his daughter, or take her shopping for her first bra.  He may need a woman who is not interested in being his girlfriend or wife, but rather a positive influence on his daughter and a steady confidant in her life as he navigates the complexities of relationships.  He may need someone to come and teach him how to shop with coupons and meal plan.  He too may want a group of single peers to go about life with, learning with one another, without the pressures of a singles group with the goal of fostering couples.

He may be a recent widower, who had a wife who did everything for him and now he is lost without her.  Who will iron his shirts just the way he likes them?  Who will he buy flowers for, just because?  He may have dreamed about being a father and grandfather but that dream eluded him, perhaps he has no where to go on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas morning.  

As the women in the church, we can come alongside and serve our single brothers and fathers in a loving way.  We can volunteer in order to provide childcare during the men’s ministry breakfast.  We can invite the widower into our home during the holidays.  We can foster a relationship with an older man who wants to love on our children like a grandpap.  We can be a woman who is present for his daughter in ways that he doesn’t feel equipped, we can teach them how to braid hair and paint little finger tips.

When you think of the singles in your church, don’t forget the men.

Our research has shown that the churches with the strongest Women’s Ministries also have a thriving Men’s Ministry.  Let’s be a helpmeet to the Men’s Ministries by serving their single men and fathers well.

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