Single Women in the Church

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I’ve learned quite a bit about single women in the church.  I’ve learned they are not all the same.  Some long for husbands, others have embraced singleness as a blessing.  Some desire children, others are content to love on others’ children.  Some single women are young, some are not.  Some have never been married, married for a season, or widowed.  Some have children, some do not.  Some have pets, some do not.  Some have homes and debts, others have roommates and live debt free.  Educated, not educated.  One ethnic group, or another.  Some are lonely, some enjoy their solitude.

Their experiences and expectations vary like snowflakes falling to the ground.  To better serve the single women in our church, we can not expect that there will be a one size fits all solution. A “singles ministry” may not work for every single woman.

Our best solution to serving the single women in the church is to actually take the time to meet these women, get to know them, and serve them where they are at.

In preparation for the June 30th Women’s Ministry Council meeting, we reached out to women nationwide.  We acknowledged that we knew the church and women’s ministries could do a better job reaching and serving our single women.  Then, we asked the women to tell us how because we dare not assume to know the answer ourselves.

Overwhelmingly, the first response was appreciation that we recognized this need.  It was the one thing that all of the single women agreed upon, that the church could do a better job.  From there, the opinions on how varied. Some women wanted a formal single women’s ministry, others simply wanted us to be more aware of them as we selected speakers and study topics.  Let’s face it, we can’t have every brunch speaker and Bible study revolve around the topics of marriage and children.

If we are going to serve a mixed audience, we must understand the mix.

Learn more about the women in YOUR church and in YOUR community. Then come up with a strategic plan to start serving, even if it is just a small gesture in the beginning.  Figure out ways the men in the church and serve the single women too.  Start the conversation, be willing to try things, be willing to fail… the women will appreciate that you simply tried!  Then regroup and try something else if need be.  Add.  Adjust.  Grow.  Serve. Love. Thrive.

It can start by an invitation to meet for coffee.

It can grow into a ministry that reaches further than you can ever imagine.

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