What is Your Focus?


Not that long ago, I was speaking with a woman who serves on her church Women’s Ministry team.  She shared with me that at a previous planning meeting, she was frustrated as they spent over 30 minutes trying to decide on the color of the napkins.

As part of my attempts to stay abreast of what happens in Women’s Ministry, I’ve joined various social media groups for Women’s Ministry leaders.  In my observations I notice a lot of backwards planning.   It starts with a catchy theme or pinterest worthy decor plan, and then they begin searching for the verse or topic that fits the theme.  Speakers are lined up to deliver a topic, but no one knows what will be said.  

Instead of starting in the Word, in prayer, and with God… they are beginning with decorations and trying to figure out how to put God into it.  It should not be this way at all. 

We would never dare to make the icing and decorations without first having a cake in mind.  Yes, while the cake is baking, we can begin working on the frosting and planning out the details of how the cake will be finished.  BUT, all that work is for naught if we forget to bake the cake.  In fact, we can’t even decide what kind of icing we need without knowing the type of cake first.

What if we began the process with:

  1. Prayer – ask the Lord to put a message, topic, or verse on your heart for your next ministry event.
  2. The Word – take the time to go through the Scriptures related to the message or topic, or to study the verse the Lord gives you in context.  
  3. Topic – once you have a clear topic/verse, then create a name for your event (if needed) that expresses the topic so that women know what to expect.
  4. Details – finally, create the hospitality details that will accompany your topic/message.

A great Women’s Ministry event can deliver the message, while you are seated in the sanctuary.  The table cloths and centerpieces, favors and games, and the atmosphere are the icing on the cake.  It does convey a message to your guests that they are welcome and loved, so long as that message doesn’t overwhelm the true message… The Gospel.

Don’t forget to register for #LeadHer2018 !  Seating is limited and we anticipate the event will sell out.  $79 includes a continental breakfast at arrival, plated lunch, and all conference materials.  And, we have some amazing things in store thanks to some soon to be announced sponsors.

October 6, 2018 in Hobe Sound, FL.  Click through the graphic for more information:

Add _God is within her, she will not fall._Psalm 46_5(89)

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