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Let's Get Started

Not everyone who visits this site is from our local WMC group.  In fact, when we look at our analytics, we have people reading from all over the world.  You may not realize this, but one of our very first visions for this ministry was to create a reproducible model that could be started anywhere in the world.  We’ve spent 5 years fine tuning this model in the Treasure Coast, FL region.

There have been discussions on how to go about starting WMC is other areas, how it would work and function.  In the end, there is really one answer.  You start where you are, with what you have, and then the Lord will do the rest.   Our current series, and it will go on for as long as it takes will walk you through the steps we took in order to have the thriving ministry we have today.

We believe so much in the benefits of an iron sharpens iron ministry model, that we see no reason to not just give the information away.  We are not collecting data, there are no charter fees to start a group, and we are not going to micromanage how you address the needs in your specific community.  Instead, we are going to guide and instruct on the fundamentals.  The rest, will be up to you.


  • Vision Planning – Why does our area need a WMC?  What do we want to accomplish?  And, how are we going to get there?
  • Your Leadership Team – Who do you need to help start a WMC in your area?
  • Planning Your Year – How often, and when should you meet?  How long should your meetings be?  What details are important?
  • Reaching Churches – How do you invite Women’s Ministries from your community to join your local WMC?
  • Meeting Agenda – Learn from our experiences on what works, doesn’t work, and ideas we have rolling around our minds for the future.
  • Budget – Who is paying for all of this anyway?
  • Fellowshipping with other Leaders
  • Worshipping with other Leaders
  • Learning with other Leaders
  • Resources for your WMC meetings and group

With 2019 just around the corner, you have plenty of time to get through these installments and launch a WMC in your community.

Let’s get started!

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