It Began Over Coffee

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My friend Laura and I served on Women’s Ministry together for several years.  Each month our team would meet, discuss details for upcoming events, assign tasks, etc.  All very typical meeting stuff, then afterwards she and I would end up at the local McDonalds dreaming over a cup of coffee.  We had big dreams for Women’s Ministry.

I would love to say that everything we dreamt came to fruition, but it didn’t.  There were hiccups and bumps along the way.  One idea was passed over because we lacked the budget, another couldn’t get support, sometimes we knew what we wanted but we just didn’t know how to make it happen.  We would often say…

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we could meet with other Women’s Ministry leaders.”

It was this simple sentence, on repeat, that eventually birthed itself into what is the Women’s Ministry Council.  We chose the name based on the concept of the Jerusalem Council from Acts 15, in which the all of the Apostles and Disciples who had been sent out to “go” came back together to discuss some fundamentals of their ministry.  It was a moment where they were coming back into one mindedness as ambassadors of Christ.  A reminder that even as leaders, we still need to come together in fellowship and spur one another on in our callings.

If you have ever uttered those words to another person, or had that feeling of a need to come together with other leaders for the sake of iron sharpening iron in your ministry calling… we want to help you do exactly what we have done.  To get that ball rolling.

It begins with a cup of coffee.  You will want to grab at least one, if not two, other women who feel the same way.  Begin by understanding your vision for this ministry in your area, but asking some questions.

  • Why do we feel this ministry would be a blessing to our community?
  • Who are we wanting to serve? Women’s Ministry Leaders, women in ministry leadership in general?  Those who are currently serving, or those who may feel they are being called into it?  Who is our target?
  • What are the needs here, where we are serving? What have our own struggles in ministry leadership been, and how would a group of fellow women leaders help us through those moments?
  • If just yourself, who can I invite to join me in making this happen?
  • What local church leaders in the community are you already connected with that you could give you feedback on this idea?  What would they want from a ministry like this?
  • What can I feasibly give to this?  How much time can I spending coordinating for this ministry?  Do I have a little bit of money to invest in getting it off the ground? (Don’t worry, we’ve learned how to minimize this!)

Pray about starting up this ministry in your city, that the Lord would make it clear to you that it is needed, and that you are the one called to get this ball in motion.


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