Creating Your Team

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It is entirely possible to start a Women’s Ministry Council on your own, but it always better when you have a team.   In the five years we have been meeting our team has ranged from three women to five women, and we didn’t all come from the same church.  By having women from various churches serving on your leadership team, it ensures that you not only have a variety of perspectives but also it trumpets the message of unity.

One of our greatest purposes from the beginning was to unite the leaders from within the community, so that we were all learning and serving better.  Standing on the foundations that in order to promote unity, we needed to be an example of it ourselves.  Additionally, our leadership team ranges in not only age of the women serving but also their number of years in ministry service.  We have women with formal seminary backgrounds, women with college degrees in other fields, and women who may not have formal education but do have a plethora of experience in ministry leadership.

Being intentional about the team members, means that you will be intentional about what you are offering at your meetings.  We’ll get to that in a moment.

One thing also recommended is at the end of each year, request your leadership team to pray about whether or not they will continue to serve the next year or if they need to exit the team (even if just temporarily).  Our lives change, our responsibilities will grow and wane over the years.  It is important to offer a graceful exit opportunity, sending the exiting leaders out with your prayers and blessings.

The leadership team can be structured in any way you feel fit.  Since our meetings are fairly simple, we didn’t have a lot of roles or positions.  The meetings are free to attend, so a treasurer wasn’t really necessary.   We didn’t see a need for notes to be taken, therefore a secretary wasn’t really a requirement either.   Instead, what worked for us is really a team of women who work as a sounding board and a team of hands willing to do the little work required.

A team will help decide what topics to cover over the year, or what extra events to offer.

A team will help deal with hurdles that come your way, relating to meeting spaces, dates, time.

A team provides perspective.  A team also helps carry the load when should the unexpected come up.  There are many times I went to our team to discuss a problem or obstacle we needed to address, to discuss spending to ensure we were being good stewards,  what things we should and should not offer, and major changes.  I would tell you that the team probably doesn’t feel like they do much, but I know they are and have been a blessing to me.

I would suggest finding 1-2 additional women (besides yourself) to start with.  Add if you need to add, especially if your group grows.  You can come up with a plan of who will hold what responsibilities across the board, or decide if you will rotate responsibilities from meeting to meeting.  A good group helps the leader keep a good head on her shoulders.

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