WMC and Fellowship

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When the WMC began our earlier meetings were packed full of content.  After the first or second year, we did a survey about the meeting format.  A common request was an opportunity to fellowship with one another, getting to know each other better.

Our first attempt to address this need was to create a separate event, for those who were interested in building relationships and not just training.   In the end, it just didn’t work for us.  Our ladies just didn’t have time to add another thing to the schedule.  We opted to change our meeting format to include a short time for fellowshipping.  Some of our ladies have left the meeting and then gone out to lunch together to continue fellowshipping.

Whether or not you make it part of the format, or if your ladies actually do have the time to carve out for special fellowship nights/lunches… it is an incredibly important consideration.

November and December seem to be the absolute worst times to add it in as an additional activity.  In fact we pretty much avoid December even for our quarterly meetings.  Most years the last WMC meeting of the year is the second Saturday of November.

Through fellowshipping, we have had an opportunity to speak with each other about our lives, families, ministries, churches, work, etc.   Not only getting to know one another at a personal level, but also learning about how we can pray for one another.

When creating your meeting agenda, or calendar year, consider factoring in fellowship opportunities at least occasionally.

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