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Whether you meet in a café, church fellowship hall, or in someone’s home there are two purposes to this gathering.  Fellowshipping, as we addressed in our previous post, and Learning.

Leaders still need to learn about ministry work.  You can explore Biblical characteristics of leadership, as well as the practical functional side of ministry work.  Here are just some suggestions on topics that we have covered in the past of plan to cover in the future.

How to Write a Ministry Budget

Value of Worship and Prayer at your Events

Knowing Jesus Through His Word

Bible Literacy for Women

Leading Single Women

Leading Single Mothers

Being a Missions Minded Ministry

Community Outreach

United Body: Bridging the Racial Divide *

Mentoring and Discipleship Models

How to Share the Gospel Effectively

How to Plan a Women’s Retreat

Serving Teen Mothers

Serving Our Widows

Accommodating Special Needs Women, or Serving Special Needs Families

Praying for Your Church

First, speak with your leadership team and determine who is comfortable teaching on which topics (including ones not listed here).  Second reach out to the women attending and ask if there are any topics they feel qualified to teach, or if they know of anyone (in the church, community, non-profit, etc.) who might be a good teacher or speaker at a future meeting.  Take your list, and pray over it.  Pray that God would reveal which topics He would like you to teach on that year.  Pray that He would reveal to you anything that may not have been suggested.

We make it a point to give our women the entire year of meetings (for us it is just four) so that they can put them on the calendar to save the date.  However, you may find it easier to move one meeting at a time.

Another way we have developed our topics over the years is a byproduct of attending conferences.  Our leadership will walk through the Exhibition Areas or Sponsors Tables, while attending Christian Conferences, looking for topics that jump out at us.  You may even find free resources and tools from ministries that you can incorporate.  We’ve made wonderful connections with ministries that have sent us some of their left over conference giveaway/swag that we were able to distribute to our ladies attending with information about that ministry.

In our next piece in this series, we will share some of the amazing ministries that have sent us materials to share about their ministries with our attendees.  These materials have included ideas for service projects and missions trips, ministries they can start in their church to support various types of women in their communities, and so much more.

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