Better Together

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Over the years, the Women’s Ministry Council team members have met with women in various sized churches.  Some are small churches, meeting in shopping plazas or school auditoriums.  There are the mid sized churches who often have on going events for their women, will host simulcast events, etc.  Finally, there are the large churches who have the space and funds to host their own conferences and bring in high profile guest speakers.

The smaller churches, especially those who lack their own building, will often utilize local events and conferences to attend as a group in lieu of fellowship events.  Or, they may be limited to just a few opportunities per year to gather since using the space costs additional funds or may not be available.  Medium sized churches will usually host in house brunches.  Simulcast events or mini-conferences may be once a year, due to the cost and amount of work.  Larger churches will often have the funds, space, and the volunteers but due to the size and scope their events are often an annual occurrence.

So, what does that mean for the women in our churches and community who are looking to gather with one another and fellowship, dig deep in to the word, longing for encouragement or to be challenged in the months between?

If you were to do an internet search for women’s conferences, or Christian conferences, the good news is that you could probably find something to do every month of the year.  Authors and speakers will often speak at large conferences, those with large audiences may even tour the country.  Some have gone so far as to simulcast their conferences live for those who are not near a city where they can see the event live.  Ministry leaders may host their own conferences, ladies nights out, and workshops.  These options are just the tip of the iceberg.  Many other smaller ministries, authors/speakers, and others are hosting local and regional events.

There is no doubt, that as a ministry leader, you have not had someone share with you an upcoming conference or event.  “We should go to this together!” or “Maybe we could be a host site for this event in our city?”.

There are so many good events to consider, but as a leaders it is impossible for us to host everything or attend every event.  Events take a lot of preparation.  Some require fees that, even though they will be recouped when tickets are sold, still freeze up the ministry budget.  There is planning leading up to, preparing the space, attending to the speakers needs (if live), and then afterwards there may even be some follow up.

If we all try to do it on our own, it is too much for one church to bear the brunt of all the work.  But, what if we were all working together?

Imagine sitting at your local café.  Twelve Women’s Ministry leaders from different local churches are seated together.  Everyone has their calendar/planner opened, pens at the ready.  The meeting leader hands out a list of potential events that churches could host in the next year.  The list includes cost, specific dates when applicable, etc.  Month by month, they discuss the options.  One by one, each Women’s Ministry leader claims an event that their church will host.  At the end of this meeting, there are 12 churches, hosting 12 events, over 12 months.  Yet each is only responsible for ONE during the year.  Each has selected an event that works within their budget.

Perhaps if we worked together, we wouldn’t need to pick and choose.   We could share the load, many hands making light work.

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