Gifts & Talents

Say Cheese!

As leaders, we can sometimes get hung up in seeking volunteers that fit the holes in the ministry which we feel need to be filled.  We may look for highly capacity leaders who have more than one gift, can multi-task, and work well under pressure and deadlines.  In looking for these leaders, we can easily overlook our women who have other gifts and talents that can fill needs we may not recognize exist.

For example, in a time where Social Media is a huge part of our promotion of events and connecting with one another between our Sunday services, have you ever considered looking for women to volunteer as photographers for events and gatherings?  Perhaps a young woman or two that have a natural gifting for using the various social media platforms with ease?  There could be a woman who is sitting across from you during Bible Study or that you passed by during a Brunch that has a gift for creating flyers and graphics that you can use for your event promotion.

Ephesians 4:11-13 explains that each of us serves a purpose in the body of believers and the ministry work we have been called to.  We are one body with many parts, and each of those parts has a function within the body unique to itself.   While the examples list in the verses do not include “social media influencer” and “graphic artist”, they certainly are not excluded either.  If there is a need in the body, a place for a member to function in their gifts and talents, we can certainly make room.

We do not want to just make space in our ministry for women to be physically present, we want to make a place for women in our ministry to be relationally connected and spiritually productive.

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