Leading in the Storm

Leading in the Storm

There have been a few times in my life where something major was going on in my personal life in tandem with active ministry responsibilities.  One of the first responses from others is the desire to take away my burden by giving me time off from ministry, canceling ministry plans for a future date, etc.  The intentions are good hearted, out of a desire to make my life easier during a difficult season.  However, as leaders, we must be careful to not to assume that is the right course of action.

Yes, with most certainty, there are going to be women who need a grace filled pass to let things go, or step down for a season or even forever.  However, there are women like myself who find that our responsibilities (work, school, or ministry) help to take our mind off the circumstances we are facing.

When Another Leader is Facing a Storm:

  • Don’t make assumptions.  Ask if she needs time off, or would like to continue in her role/capacity.
  • Inquire how you can support her personally (meals, running errands, etc.) as well as in her ministry work (assistance, volunteers, etc.)
  • Check in with her occasionally to see how things are going, if she needs help, or resources.

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