Working Together

Collaboration marries experience, willingness, innovation, and inspiration.

I have been leading in Women’s Ministry for just over twenty years.  While I know a lot about Women’s Ministry, I’d never dare say that I know everything.  For example, I’ve never had experience leading a Women’s Ministry in a multi-site campus capacity.  I know how to function within the singular local church, but when it comes to coordinating with multiple campuses and Women’s Ministry on a more global scale I am inexperienced.  I do have a history in retail management, working with multiples stores throughout a county.  I understand the mechanics of multi-site leadership but just not in a ministry capacity.

This was an area that I needed to learn more about, and I wanted to speak with someone who had been doing it for a bit of time and for 3 or more campuses.  Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Women’s Ministry leaders from across the globe at a conference.  One of these women happened to be in driving distance, and was a Women’s Ministry leader in a multi-site church.  I dropped her a quick note and asked if she’d be up for a face to face meeting to talk shop.  Thankfully, she accepted.  It was a great afternoon and I walked away with plenty to chew on.

Collaboration between ministry leaders is HUGE in helping us all succeed.  Perhaps one leader at a local church is better at building up interest for Bible Studies, where another is great at planning retreats.  You could be a young leader who is given the opportunity to connect and learn from a more experienced leader.  Collaboration marries experience, willingness, innovation, and inspiration.


A leader who has walked a few miles ahead of you knows the terrain you are going to encounter.  There is a level of wisdom that they have gained by going through the trenches, and witnessing the evolution of ministry in the church.  They recognize the fads, and know what will endure long term.  These women can speak into your role as a leader with understanding & guidance.


A collaborating leader is willing to share with you, so that you can learn from her successes and her failures.  She is willing to bring you under her wing, without fear of what you may be taking from her.  These leaders are happy to invite you to their events and attend yours, for support and crucial feedback.  This willingness to walk along side one another will help both of you through the thickets of ministry life.


A willing leader will happily share their new ideas and fresh perspectives because their view of ministry is all working for one purpose.  They don’t withhold their ideas but instead distribute it to others who make run with it, or even make it better when they add their own flair.  The more we collaborate with each other, the more we innovate with each other.


Beyond just good idea, fun themes, decorating ideas, and even training materials; leaders can inspire other leaders.  We inspire one another to keep pushing forward, when the times get tough.  We add fuel to the fire of ministry that encourages us to go a little further, do more, dig deeper, and make an impact for the Kingdom in our community.

Collaborating leaders not only have each other to rely on, but everything within each other’s grasp.  We have books to recommend or loan, feedback on studies, leadership guidance, and so much more.  We open up our hands and generously give from the resources God has entrusted us with.  We are co-laborers for the Kingdom, let’s never forget that.

Practical Actions:

  • Share resources
  • Utilize speakers from each other’s ministries
  • Invite smaller churches to your events (studies, retreats, brunches, etc)
  • Meet to talk about ministry trends and ideas
  • Pass on décor or materials to ministries without or with low budgets
  • Pray for one another
  • Collaborate on written materials and studies
  • Co-host events open to the community at large
  • Educate one other based on your strengths

2 thoughts on “Working Together

  1. Thank you! This article affirms my strong belief that we need each other in ministry! Iron sharpens iron! I feel so encouraged and inspired when I take the time to be with other leaders!


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