School is Back in Session


Does your ministry take the summer off?   This is what I experience in my home town. Women’s studies conclude, usually by the first half of May.  Women’s Brunches wait for fall to return.  Other ministries also seem to stop or at least lesson their summer load.  In some ways, it is a blessing since almost all of the conferences I like to attend happen in the summer.  The break affords me the ability to attend events where I am being poured into vs. on duty. Yet, at the same time, I feel the void of connection that comes with a break that lasts several months.

When I reflect on the last twenty plus years of ministry service, I notice that most ministries seem to run on the same schedule at the school year.  September through May is ministry season, June through August is summer break for all.   I had always viewed this as something that happened in my area due to the number of seasonal residents.  But, now that I have spoken to a few leaders outside of my home state… it seems it happens more than I realized.  Leading me to wonder if this is more common than I thought.

Over the next few posts, I’d like to explore the reasons given for taking a summer ministry break, and would love feedback from our readers too.

Here are some questions, I’d love to discuss as we get started….

Does your ministry/church take a summer break?

Do you find this break to be beneficial?  Why?

Is this a trend that you think needs to change?

Has your ministry/church successfully stopped taking summer breaks? How did you transition your members?

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