Big and Little Sisters

Let's work together

Many of us are familiar with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  Basically an “older” person is partnered with a “younger” person to serve as a mentor, positive influence in their life, etc.   They are not related by blood, but the idea is for the person serve in the same role as a big brother or sister would.  Usually the older sibling is close enough to relate, but old enough to bring some levity.

What makes these relationships so wonder is that both sides learn from each other, benefit from one another, and really complement one another.  We can learn from these types of organizations when it comes to our ministries.

Who is the Big Sister, who is the Little Sister?

The Big Sister is a ministry that comes from a church with means, and helps support one that does not.  Maybe, like sisters share clothing, we share our decorating supplies or study packages we have purchased.

The Big Sister has the room, when the Little Sister does not.  Women’s Ministries in churches that have space for women’s events can extend an invitation to the ones who are meeting in spaces that don’t.  Invite the house churches, ones meeting in public schools, and the women’s ministries from churches meeting in shopping centers.

The Big Sister is the ministry that has been thriving for many years, who comes along the side the Little Sister… the ministry that is just starting.  Helping her to find her way, navigate processes, and put together a ministry plan.

Just like the Big Brother Big Sister program, here is the exciting news.  We don’t have to be exactly the same.  We can be a Big Sister to a Little Sister ministry from another denomination, in another city, in a different neighborhood, a different culture or language.

So, are you a Big Sister looking for a Little Sister?

Or, a Little Sister praying for a Big Sister?

How Can You Connect:

  1.  Look for a Women’s Ministry that is the exact opposite of yours.  If you are a big and thriving, look for a new church that has just planted.  If you are a brand new women’s ministry, find a church that’s well known in the community for their women’s event.
  2.  Have a cup of coffee.  Contact their ministry leader and invite her out for coffee, lunch, or something fun like ice cream.  Share with her how you think the two ministries could partner with one another.
  3.  Share with others in your community about your new sisterhood, and encourage them to do the same.  If you are the Big Sister, maybe host a gathering at your church for women’s ministry leaders/teams to get to know one another.  Or, start is as a formal Big Sister Ministry outreach.

The Benefits:

Little Sisters will have an opportunity to partner with a Big Sister ministry that can help them pass on savings when buying group tickets for events.  Little Sisters will learn how to budget, plan events, fundraise, and grow in leadership mentoring.

Big Sisters will have an opportunity to steward how they have been blessed to help others get off the ground.  Forming friendships and relationships that can blossom into a long future.  Big Sisters will be reminded of their own humble beginnings, and will learn ways to stretch a budget or hold an event for little or no cost.

What other benefits can you think of?

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