Quarantine Tip #1: Reconnect with Pastor

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Our Pastors are busy guys, and their days are full.  Meetings, visitations, etc.  The same can be said for our ministry leaders, who are often working full time jobs while they are leading a ministry within the church.  I have noticed that the Quarantine hasn’t necessarily stopped our lives, so much as shifted them.  We may still have all of the same responsibilities, but a little extra time on our hands since we are not commuting to work each day.  I have almost 4 hours of extra time on my hands by simply removing the morning and afternoon school routines.  At the same time, what extra we have gained may have been replaced by something else.  For example, I am not responsible for overseeing my children’s education all day.  I have to stop and make lunch for everyone vs. just grabbing a quick nibble for myself.  It’s different, in some ways easier, in some ways harder.

I say this, because I want to make sure that it is clear that I’m not suggesting your Pastor is home during the Quarantine twiddling his thumbs.  He, too, is experiencing different… that is in some ways easier & also harder.  He is probably still holding meetings via zoom or conference calls, working on the Sunday message or midweek connections.  Visitations may be happening, albeit a bit differently than we are used to.  The members are still coming with needs to be met.  He probably is not interrupted by the pop bys at his office to ask quick questions, he may be working from home and thus lessened his commute time.  But, he is also learning new technology as he is livestreaming services.  He may be learning new social media platforms for engaging the members between services.  He may be more in tune with the news and press releases about the virus, so that he can wrap his head around how long this “new normal” will be in play.

What has stopped though, for so many of us, is the events we may have planned for our church.  That take up space, and time… not just in the building but also in our mental capacities.  The spring brunches and women’s retreats are cancelled.  Palm Sunday and Easter are going to be radically different this year.  No one is traveling for conferences.  We don’t know if that annual Mother’s Day Tea is going to happen.  Summer Camps and VBS might be put on hold.  We just don’t know.

Because of this, it is the right time to stop and take stock of the ministry vision.  Message your Pastor and plan a call or zoom meeting to discuss the vision of the church, and how he sees Women’s Ministry fitting into it.  Or, to reconnect on the vision and how it has been impacted by the closure of the building & if there is any way that Women’s Ministry can come alongside to support.

Keep the call short, to the point, and for the purpose of getting feedback from the Pastor.  Then take that information, pray over it, disperse it to the team, and follow up with an email that sets forth your plan of action.  Keep in mind, that right now we are in uncertainty.  So do not hold to an plans as anchored on the calendar, but rather fluid and changing as we take each day on.

Lead Well,