Important News… About those Crickets


You’ve probably wondering what has been going on around these parts, because there has been nothing but the sound of crickets.  Truth is, while it has been quiet here on the website… it’s been anything but quiet for our leadership team.

If you have not seen the update on our Facebook page, we have some exciting news to share.

When we began the Women’s Ministry Council, there was a vision.  Two friends sat over coffee lamenting about having a place to meet with other Women’s Ministry Leaders and talk shop.  Ministries really hadn’t adapted to the Facebook/Social Media groups yet, and we wanted to network with other Women’s Ministry leaders, share resources, and grow in our ministries and as leaders.  The first part of the vision was to set up a regular opportunity to meet and get training.

The second part of the vision, was that we were going to create a duplicatable model that others could launch in their own cities.  That part of the ministry never took off.  Several years after our first quarterly meeting, I launched our first LeadHer Conference.  It was very successful, and our ministry began growing online.  Instead of our live meetings being our primary connection, they actually became secondary.

I also watched the ministry grow, expanding to include not just Women’s Ministry leaders… but also women leading in ministries in different roles and capacities.  Social media allowed for a connection across the globe.  When announcing a live meet up event (either quarterly training or conference) there would always arise the same question…

“Will you be recording this?”

Which eventually became …

“Will you live stream this?”

We’ve known, for about the last two years, that we needed to begin exploring these questions and incorporate some sort of recording device into our events.  However, as a non-profit organization that runs on a shoe string budget… it was intimidating.  Did we have the funds to purchase software, equipment, etc.?   Did we have time to learn how to use these materials, would we need more volunteers?  And, so on.  We were stuck in analysis paralysis.

Then came #Covid19 and before we knew it all of our schedules and plans were wiped off the calendar.  We were thrust into entering the online world in order to continue to keep our ministry alive and relevant.  In short order, we planned the most impromptu of events.  In March, with just a week to get it all together, a group of speakers created the #LeadHerOnline mini-conference.  Short messages of encouragement in an uncertain time.

It was such a success, that we decided to do it again.  On May 23rd, from 9am-5pm EST on the LeadHer Facebook page there will be 13 speakers, 1 worship leader, and a full day of encouragement and refreshing for the leaders who have been tirelessly pouring out in this strange new season.  (visit for more information)

So… what is the REAL news?

I’m sure you are wondering when I’ll get to the real point, so here we go.

In this season of crazy, quick transitions… I realized what we CAN do.  I realized how much more effective we were online, and allowed the intimidation to pass as I embraced the new.  But, I also took this to the Lord in prayer.  I wanted to know what HIS plans for the ministry would be, how would we come out on the other side of this Covid19 hold.  The answer was going to be massive changes for the better.

This ministry has grown well beyond “Women’s Ministry Leaders” and local meetings.  After prayer, and discussing with wise counsel, the decision was made to:

Merge Women’s Ministry Council and Lead Her Conference into 1 entity under the LeadHer title which is more inclusive of the different types of leaders that we are connecting with.

What does that mean?

  1.  On June 1st, our WMC Facebook page will merge into the LeadHer page.  Please make sure you are following “LeadHer” so that you don’t miss any important information.  After June 1st, you will not be able to access WMC’s page.
  2.  Our Twitter account is already in the process of transitioning to the LeadHer account name.
  3.  On July 1st, our WMC Instagram account will go away, and all Instagram posts will continue on the LeadHer account.  So please make sure you are also following us there.
  4.  The WMC site will merge into the LeadHer website.  Currently it is designated as our conference site, but you will see a complete overhaul within the next few months.  You will be able to access all of our archived articles from this site through LeadHer, so don’t fret about losing any content! Our goal is that the website transition will be completed on or near August 1st.

Finally, you may also be wondering about #LeadHer2021.  Due to Covid19 throwing all calendars and events into the air, everyone rescheduling for future dates, only having to reschedule them again… at this point we do not know how Covid19 is going to impact our scheduled date for the 2021 conference.

Once that information is confirmed, we will share it with you.

Be blessed, be safe, pray for us during this transition, and join us Saturday 5/23 for #LeadHerOnline