LeadHer Conference

Update on LeadHer 2019

The Lord has been doing some crazy things in the back ground with the WMC and the individual leaders.  We believe fully that God is preparing something new for LeadHer, and we are excited to see it unfold.

After an enormous amount of discussion and prayer, and some very direct intervention we believe to be of God, it was decided that LeadHer2019 will be postponed.  For those who know our team personally, this would seem like something we would never do… to cancel an event… but we know that God is IN this and orchestrating some new things and opportunities that will benefit us all.

While, yes, there are many weekends available still through the end of the year… we would NEVER want to compete with some of the incredible fundraisers and events that support the non-profits in our area, and the holiday season becomes busy as we try and balance our families, church family, and other commitments.

We have not given up the dream the or vision for LeadHer, but rather we recognize when the Lord is telling us very clearly to WAIT.

We are going to hold our theme, “Lead Her with Grace” for LeadHer2020.

As soon as we have all the date, location, and other details confirmed we will update.

Please keep us all in prayer, as we continue to serve obediently.