Ministry Needs

The Women’s Ministry Council is a non profit ministry that serves women who lead in church, ministry, and community organizations across the county.  These groups provide free quarterly training sessions, and foster a sense of community and encouragement for leaders.

In addition to the local Women’s Ministry Council groups, the WMC also hosts regular events to provide more in depth training and access to leaders with well over 40 years of ministry leadership experience.

We rely on donations, underwriting, and other means of support to cover ministry operations and offset the expense of live training events.  We recognize that many ministries are running on a strict budget and it is our desire to keep our events as affordable as possible.

Individuals, ministries, or companies that support our work are added to our SUPPORTERS page on this website, acknowledged at our events, and via our social media accounts.

Ways to support Women’s Ministry Council:

Meeting Sponsor:  Your donation of $75 – $150 qualifies you as a meeting sponsor.  As a sponsor, your donation is publicly acknowledged via all promotional materials and social media avenues related to that specific event.  Your donation pays for light refreshments, meeting supplies, space rental, and other minor expenses.  This cost varies from group to group, and meeting sponsorships will be coordinated with the leader in your area.

Publishers:  We love to connect our leaders to good resources.  Publishers have provided us with free or deeply discounted books to give at events, sample chapters of upcoming releases, discount codes, and more.  These companies have been listed on our Supporters page, and all gifts are recognized in promotional materials before and after the event in which it is gifted.

Retailers:  If you are a retailer that carries merchandise that ministry leaders may be interested in for themselves, ministry use, etc. we are happy to discuss ways in which we can partner with your company.


To learn more about these and other sponsorship opportunities, or to make a direct donation, please contact us:

My, my, how have we grown!

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Co-Founders Laura Masoner and Gena McCown at Una Esperanza Fundraising Event… supporting a local missionary family’s call to Nicaragua.