Women’s Ministry Council in 2020

Big News!

Every year, we take a survey of the women who attend or participate in the Women’s Ministry Council.  Our goal is to evaluate and learn what we have done well, what needs improvement, and is there anything we are missing.  This year, our survey confirmed something we have known was a need, and brought a new issue to the front as well.

A Known Need:

As we have grown to reach women online, beyond our own backyards, a common question would arise from our live training events.

“Will this be recorded?”

There are so many women who have wanted to attend a live Saturday morning training, but are not in reasonable driving distance.  We recognized that we needed to find a way to provide our services to women who couldn’t attend live.  The original WMC model was to try and encourage local leaders to start a WMC in their own city/county.  That model never took hold, and we needed a solution.  We began researching the best way to provide this service, to record the meetings or even Facebook live them.

A Changing Schedule:

The survey also brought to our attention that several of our longstanding local attendees had not been able to attend recent meetings due to changes in their availability.  Their lives had changed, their kids were growing, their work schedules were different, and their commitment/activities at their church were (and should be) a priority.

Even though the women still wanted to attend, and benefited from our online postings, they just didn’t have the margin to attend the Saturday morning meetings like they once did.

On Solution to Two Problems:

For the last seven years we have attempted to create a balance between our live training events and online support articles and resources.    As we looked at this two issues, we  realized that by solving the first one (will this be recorded) we could actually resolve the second one.  Recording the trainings would allow our long distance followers to benefit from the training, as well as allow our local ladies to watch the training on a date and time that was a better fit to their schedules.

WMC Goes Digitial:

In 2020, the Women’s Ministry Council is going to move to a complete only format.  Our leadership team is still working out the details on exactly what that will look like.   The result will provide a more flexible opportunity to learn from more ministry leaders, address more topics, and break it up into bite sized modules.

Part of the research process is looking for the format that allows us to provide these modules with 1) high quality video/audio and 2) maintain our commitment to keeping WMC trainings free.

We are excited to see how this will continue to bless leaders in 2020, we appreciate your prayer as we walk through this process.  As we have more information available, it will be announced here and on our FB page.


#LeadHer2020 is going to Sell Out!

SellOutWarningIf you have been on the fence about registering, don’t delay we are going to sell out.  There are less than 20 seats left!

Make sure you pop by the LeadHer facebook page.  There are some giveaways happening now through when the last ticket is sold.

All of the details are on the Facebook page.  You can also learn more about the event, speakers, our sponsors, feedback from previous LeadHer attendees, and so much more.

a conference for women in, or called to, ministry leadership


2020 Speakers Group(3)

When our plans for LeadHer 2019 were put on hold, I didn’t understand why but I trusted.  Normally, I would be freaking out about having to postpone an event.  Yet, I found peace.  While doors were shutting left and right in the planning process, there was not a point where our team felt like God was shutting it down.  We were being asked to wait.

I’m calling it our Selah pause.  God was orchestrating some things we could have never imagined, but we needed to wait for just a little while.  About two weeks ago, our team met, the topics for our meeting included LeadHer 2020.  By the time we left that table, we were unified in feeling that the Lord was calling us out of the pause and into action.

What unfolded in just over a few days was beyond anything we could have expected or done on our own.  Who God is bringing together for LeadHer 2020 could only have happened with that Selah pause.

Which brings us to the announcement…

LeadHer2020 is ON THE WAY.   More details are to come, in the next few days!

The location?  BOOKED.

Worship?  BOOKED.

Speakers?  BOOKED.

Wondering where?  Wondering who?

Just keep an eye out for more updates on #LeadHer2020!