The Women’s Ministry Council serves our community of leaders in several ways.  Local WMC Group meet regularly, for localized support and training.  The website and facebook pages are utilized to share leadership resources and information.  Finally, we offer our LEADher Services which are tailored to meet specific leadership needs.

WMC LEADher Services are open to women who are actively serving (or preparing to serve) in ministries or non profit organizations, impacting their communities, and growing in reach.   There are not a lot of resources out there for women in leadership, and the Women’s Ministry Council fills that gap through our LEADher Resources and Materials.

The purpose of our events and comprehensive training workshops is to provide:

  • Ministry and Organizational Training
  • Leadership Development and Skill Sets
  • Team Coaching and Development
  • Personal and Team Focused Workshops
  • Troubleshooting with Biblical Direction

The goal through these workshops is to strengthen the ministry or organization, connecting the team members and generations, as well as equipping our leaders and teachers.  It is the very heart of our ministry to engage our leaders into community with one another, encourage them through the seasons of leadership, and equip them to serve more effectively with a broader impact.

Individual Mentoring Sessions can assist you through your personal journey in leaders, whereas workshops are available to address specific areas of leadership in a broader context.  Mentoring Sessions can be scheduled at any time, our public workshops are available throughout the year, and custom workshops can be coordinated to meet the particular needs of your team, ministry, church or organization.


For a limited time we are testing out the Mentoring Monday program.  On the first, second, and third Mondays of each month; we will have three 1 hour blocks of private one to one mentoring for ministry leadership.  This is your chance to get one to one time, ask questions, get guidance, help define your ministry, etc.  One of our WMC Leadership Team members will be available, but you must contact us to claim the space.  The mentor hour is just $15 and all funds support the WMC.  You may request a specific mentor, or first available as well.  If you are not available during those times, yet want a chance to speak with a mentor, use the contact form below and we will do our best to work something out.  Once a mentor session is confirmed, you will receive a brief questionnaire to ensure that your mentor comes prepared to address any specific issues or needs.

In the coming months, we are also going to offer mentoring call/skype sessions for those who cannot meet during our regular hours or are not local to our area.  Occasionally we will be in other areas for ministry work, and will have Mentoring Sessions available.  These are listed on our LEADher Events Page.

To schedule a consultation, mentoring session, team workshop, or church/community workshop, please fill out the form below.  One of our team will respond promptly.  Visit our Events page to find out what workshops are currently available.


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