Leadership Should Not Be Lonely


When you read through the scriptures, you will see that the leaders were hardly ever alone.  When Moses was called to lead, he had his brother by his side.  King David had people that he relied on for counsel.  Jesus had his disciples.  Paul had people who traveled with him, as well as leaders that he left behind in cities to lead the local church.  Paul wasn’t even alone in prison!  When the apostles would travel to share the gospel, they often set out in pairs or small numbers.  Plus, they always had each other lean back on, no matter where they were in the world. Advice was a letter away.  When it was time to tackle bigger subjects, they would meet together as a group to discuss the matters at hand.

It’s a common clichéd phrase in America to say that “it’s lonely at the top” or “leadership is lonely”.  As leaders we need to recognize that God never intended our leaders to be lonely.  In a previous article it was already mentioned the importance of having your own Timothy in place, someone you are developing as another leader or your eventual replacement.  However, this relationships are not meant to be superficial training grounds.  Those that we bring into our inner circle to develop as leaders will often help mold and shape our leadership too.  We learn just as much from their experiences as they do from our own.  Developing leaders will ask questions that we may have never considered on our own, or see things from a different perspective.

As much knowledge as I have about Women’s Ministry from experience coupled with books and research…

… I still don’t know everything. I have not encountered every possible scenario and even now I have some thoughts lingering in my head about how to handle certain circumstances should they arise.

Having a “Women’s Ministry Council” of leaders is part of how we can begin to fill those gaps in experience, knowledge, and wisdom.  Each leader is her own treasure trove of information to glean from.  Some WM Leaders are Pastor’s wives, who can give us insight to how Pastors view Women’s Ministry, or ministries in general.  They can give us an inside out view of the life of the Pastor in the church, the pressures he faces, and the parameters staff make decision within.

When we gather with other Women’s Ministry leaders, we have an opportunity to offer others our experience, and take in the experience of others.   As one leader just mentioned in our Facebook Group, we don’t need to reinvent a new wheel.  We just need help in finding the wheel that fits our group best.  We can pick and choose from the advice given and experiences shared, using those tidbits to shape our ministry’s future.  And, we can discard the things that don’t really apply to our needs.

We have a group of people whom we can share our successes with, and help them foster new ideas for their ministry.  And, we have a group of women who we can lean on for support when we are simply at a loss on how to grow our ministry.

Resources are more than books and websites, our best resources are the other leaders we are serving alongside with in our own communities.  Facebook groups and international websites have a lot to offer us in terms of general information.  However no one knows what it is like to serve THIS community, than those women who are in the trenches with you.

Every day, we gain more visitors to our website from other areas of the United States and beyond.  What we are doing here, in our South Florida location, is creating a program that we want to be duplicated in other regions.  By 2017, I am praying that all of our kinks have been worked out and that we will be able to put together a plan for Women’s Ministry Councils across the country.  Please keep our work in your prayers, that the Lord will guide this endeavor.  The blessing it has been for us, should not be contained to South Florida.

Women’s Ministry needs a leadership community!