Diversity and Unification

unitedIn April, our local Women’s Ministry Councils will begin the start of what we hope is an ongoing conversation toward understanding the value of diversity in our lives and our ministries; as well as the role the Church should play in unification among God’s people.

We recognize that not all of our readers and Facebook friends are local, but that doesn’t mean that we do not want you involved in this conversation.  In fact, we’d love to see these conversations starting in your ministries too.

As we prepare for this important conversation, over the next several weeks WMC is going to share resources with our Women’s Ministry Leaders and teams.  These resources are ones that we are using for research and preparation, recommended reading, and tools that you can use not only for your own growth but for facilitating change in your church.

All of our churches in attendance at our April meeting will receive a copy of Trillia  J. Newbell’s book UNITED from Moody Publishers.  If you are not local or will not be attending that meeting, this is a great book to start with.


Women’s Ministry – Diversity Starts with You


I am a listener.  When others speak about the ministry experiences, I listen very intently.  I am looking for things to write about, great ideas, or common problems within in the ministry.  A problem that I hear repeatedly, with slight alterations, comes down to how to attract a particular group to the Women’s Ministry events.

“I don’t know why the older women in our church don’t come to our events.  How can we get them to engage and mentor with the younger women if they are fellowshipping together?”

“We invite the MOPS moms to the Women’s Ministry events, but for whatever reason they just are not interested in attending.”

“The younger women in the church never attend anything the Women’s Ministry holds.  How do we reach them?”

You can exchange the description of the type of woman depending on church, location, demographic, etc.  We want a diverse Women’s Ministry, but we are not sure how to meet all of the needs, of all of the people.

What we may realize in the end is that our Women’s Ministry events are comprised of the same people.  But why?


One thing we must consider is the most simplistic answer, which is that these women are your Women’s Ministry.  In other words, not every woman is going to buy into Women’s Ministry.  Perhaps Women’s Ministry was not prominent in their community or church growing up, so they don’t see the need for it.  It is also a possibility that women coming into your church have a preconceived idea of what Women’s Ministry is, which doesn’t appeal to them.  Another factor lies in the fact that women are far busier today than they were historically.  Between balancing home, work, church, and kids activities… well, there may be little time for Women’s Ministry.

As a leader, we must be willing to accept this.  One thing that I have always believed when it comes to planning Women’s Ministry events is that the guest list is up to God. Whether God brings two people or two hundred, those are the people God is trying to reach through that event.  He may bring them to an event in order to hear His word, or to help them find fellowship among other believers. 

God will bring the women, for sure.   However that doesn’t mean that we sit back and do nothing either.  We are charged with creating an ministry that is inviting, welcoming, and inclusive of all women that walk through our church doors.


The second thing we need to consider, is whether or not we have been intentional in reaching these women.  Take a moment and look at your Women’s Ministry leader team.  Would you consider this group of women diverse?  Are you serving in a ministry along with your friends?  Is it a group of women who are the same age or in the same stage of life as you? 

When we build a Women’s Ministry team that is comprised of women who are just like us, we tend to plan events that appeal to our idea of fun, our needs, our concept of what ministry should look like.  If we want to reach our single moms, we need to have a single mom as part of our team.  If we want to reach the younger women in our church, she must be represented on the leadership team. 

Our Women’s Ministry team should be comprised of various women that represent the church, and the women we are trying to reach.  It should be an array of ages, life stages, and ethnicities.  I am not suggesting your hand your existing team pink slips at your next leader meeting, and rebuild your team from scratch.  What I am suggesting is that when an opening comes available on the team, or if you have room to add some women, be intentional about who you bring aboard the team.

Reach out to a prominent woman in the church that is part of that group you are attempting to reach.  As your Pastor’s wife for suggestions if you are not sure who the influential women are in that particular demographic in the church.