Hurricane Irma Relief:


While we were spared damage, many areas throughout Florida were not so lucky.  We will be adding to this list over time as more info comes available… but here is a great start on how you can help Floridians who have lost so much.

We have an entire apartment complex, just 30 min north of us that is being condemned after the storm.  They had 3 days to evacuate.  We have the Florida Keys, many of the islands can only be reached by boat or plane/helicopter.  Areas in Naples, Miami, etc. are under water.  Lord, hear the cries of your people and send in the helpers!

Missionary Flights International is bringing supplies into the Florida Keys, and I anticipate in the future they will also be traveling to the locations they serve internationally who need assistance.

Christ Fellowship is a church with several campuses throughout Florida which are serving their local and neighboring communities well.

Samaritans Purse:

Convoy of Hope: