Reminder {Jan 7th is our next event!}


By Gena McCown, Co-Founder, Women’s Ministry Council

Our next Women’s Ministry Council meeting is coming up on Jan 7th and almost all spots have been reserved.   RSVP HERE

Tonight we began packing up these amazing gift bags that will be gifted to the churches in attendance.   The Lord has blessed the work we are doing here on the Treasure Coast in equipping our Women’s Ministry leaders and teams.  This January will be slightly different as we are able to bless the women for their service and our communities as we equip our leaders with ways to serve.

Care & Community is something every Women’s Ministry needs to be considering, and in 2017 we can make a huge impact collectively.  If you are not local, I would encourage you to consider how your Women’s Ministry can reach outward in to the community.  How can your Women’s Ministries in the various churches come together as a unified body in helping our communities.

As usual, when our meeting is over, we will post the highlights of the trainings and speakers.  However, until that time, it can’t hurt to begin thinking on your own about the impact your church can have on your community.  What organizations can you come alongside; locally, nationally, and globally.  What is the call at the heart of your church’s mission and how can you support that mission calling?

We have collected a few great ministries and organizations we will also be sharing with you through the month of January, as well.  Look for a lot of great information coming you way.