Write For Us


What makes our community of leaders a beautiful place is that we recognize each of us has a voice worth hearing.   We share our successes, what we have learned, new ideas, fresh concepts, and our hearts for serving God and the women He has entrusted us with.

For that reason, we welcome submissions from leaders who are in the Women’s Ministry Council family and beyond.  If you would like to write for us please read through our guidelines and fill out the contact form at the end.

Guidelines for Writers

    • Authors and articles must adhere to WMC Statement of Faith
    • Articles based upon or emphasizing “second tier” doctrinal differences (that may be considered controversial, even divisive, and beyond the scope of the Statement of Faith) will not be considered out of respect for our community.
    • Word length:
      • 800-1200 Words for Devotions
      • 800-1500 Words for Articles
      • Longer length articles may be considered for segmented series.
    • Editorial team reserves the right to:
      • lightly edit accepted article for length, content and style
      • return to author for significant and suggested edits
      • return to author with declination of publishing, with or without detailed     explanation of such refusal
      • reserve the article for future use, undetermined date.
    • Sources for statistics and quotations must be provided; book or magazine     title, author, date and page number; if quoting material from Internet, provide website address
    • Reference all Scripture quotations and enclose in parentheses (eg, ESV, NIV)
    • All articles must be original works by submitting authors
    • If photographs accompany article (in case of interviews, or ministries)
      • credit should be given to photographer
      • written release should be obtained from subject of photograph, allowing for publication
      • children’s faces should never be published without blanket permission of   legal guardian; same holds true of photographs taken at missions   ministering to homeless, disadvantaged, etc. – either blur faces and identifying features or obtain permission to publish
    • If photographs do not accompany article, WMC may selected photographs to accompany articles at their discretion.
    • If article has been previously published, or is adapted from a previously published writing, that must be acknowledged at end of article
      • eg, (Previously published as No Good Thing, May 2012  issue of ABC Magazine)
    • It’s at the discretion of the editorial board as to whether or not we want to put restrictions on having the article published elsewhere concurrent with or before it is published by WMC

PLEASE NOTE:  At this time there is no compensation available for those who contribute to our site.  We do not charge our members in order to access or site or materials, nor to attend our quarterly training events.  We believe in a spirit of cooperative sharing between leaders that encourages us all to be our best by sharing our best.

Article Types / Suggestions / Categories

* Devotions for Leaders, Women’s Ministry, Women’s Character

* Practical “How To” for Women’s Ministry (including how to plan a retreat, how to prayer journal, how to study your Bible, how to reach the community, etc.)

* Articles pertaining to leading women, leading ministry, ministry trends, etc.

* Or, pitch us your idea!